Goldman Sachs Invites Global Audience to Bitcoin Call


Multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs will host a Bitcoin call for its clients on May 27th.

Revealed just days ago by The Block’s Mike Dudas.  The call has yet to happen and some yet many rumors already swirl around what this indicates and what could occur from the call.

Will Goldman Go Bullish for Bitcoin

In anticipation of the Goldman Sachs call and what the firm will decide to encourage about Bitcoin, many in the sector receive the news as a positive sign.

Sources in the cryptocurrency space said just the existence of this call confirms a true client demand for BTC.

That’s not to say Goldman Sachs will be bullish on Bitcoin when the call comes around, though.

An Institutional Surplus

In a research note titled “The Great Monetary Inflation,” investment veteran Paul Tudor Jones said that he will be personally and professionally investing in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has become a smart investment due to the growing debasement of fiat money, Jones explains.

Considering the position of this call and related comments from crypto analysts and fund managers, this call may have lit true Wall Street interest in Bitcoin for the first time since 2017’s bubble.