Italy becomes a ‘hi-speed star’ with Frecciarossa railway launch


Italy’s Frecciarossa train initiative, the “star” of high-speed, will launch a new direct route to connect Turin in Italy’s north to Reggio Calabria in Italy’s south, without needing to change trains in Rome.

Tickets will be available for sale on ItaliaRail’s website. The high-speed transportation service begins June 3 for trains departing until August 8th.  This according to Mike Fuller the President & CEO of

Until recwntly, only Frecciargento and Frecciabianca trains (these are slower versions of the Frecciarossa trains) have serviced transportaton to Reggio Calabria; also, they have only departed from Rome.  For guests traveling from the North, it was necessary to make a stop and change trains in Rome.

No longer!

The new daily Frecciarossa will depart Torino Porta Nuova at 8 am and arrive in Reggio di Calabria Centrale at 6:50 pm.

The Reggio Calabria departure is at 10:10 am with arrival in Turin at 9 pm.

The following intermediate stops are scheduled along the route:

Torino Porta Susa, Milano Centrale, Milano Rogoredo, Reggio Emilia AV, Bologna Centrale, Firenze Santa Maria Novella, Roma Tiburtina, Roma Termini, Napoli Afragola, Napoli Centrale, Salerno, Paola, Lamezia Terme Centrale, Rosarno, Villa San Giovanni.

Train # 9523 leaves Torino P. NUOVO at 08:00 and Arrives in REGGIO CALABRIA at 18:50 with the following stops:

TORINO P. SUSA (8.08/10) – MILANO CENTRALE (9.00/10) – MILANO ROGOREDO (9.18/20) – Reggio E. AV MP. (9.54/56) – BOLOGNA C. LE (10.22/25) FIRENZE S.M.N. (11.04/14) – ROMA TIBURTINA (12.40/43) – ROMA TERMINI (12.49/13.00) – NAPOLI AFRAGOLA (13.56/58) 9525: NAPOLI CENTRALE (14.13/25) – SALERNO (15.04/07) – PAOLA (17.00/02) – LAMEZIA T. C.LE (17.28/30) – ROSARNO (18.00/02) – VILLA S.GIOVANNI (18.32/34)

Train # 9542 connecting to # 9548 leaves REGGIO CALABRIA at 10:10 and Arrives in Torino P. NUOVO at 21:00 with the following stops:

Train # 9542: VILLA S.GIOVANNI (10.25/28) – ROSARNO (10.54/56) – LAMEZIA T. C.LE (11.27/30) – PAOLA (11.59/12.02) – SALERNO (13.51/54)

TRANSFER to Train # 9548: NAPOLI CENTRALE (14.28/40) – NAPOLI AFRAGOLA (14.56/58) – ROMA TERMINI (15.55/16.10) ROMA TIBURTINA (16.17/20) – FIRENZE S.M.N. (17.46/55) – BOLOGNA C. LE (18.35/38) – Reggio E. AV MP. (18.58/19.00) – MILANO ROGOREDO (19.39/41) MILANO CENTRALE (19.50/20.00) – TORINO P. SUSA (20.49/51)

In addition, to better connect Sicily to its neighbor cities also served by the high-speed service, train travelers will soon be able to purchase, (with train ticket on, the fast ferry ticket (BluJet -FS Italiane Group) between Villa San Giovanni in Calabria and Messina in Sicily.

Ferry and train timetables have been integrated to ensure a hassle-free connection for travelers needing to reach the island from the mainland using train and ferry rather than flying.

“It’s a new service that brings people together now that the country is reopening,”

says Gianfranco Battisti, CEO and general manager of the FS Italiane Group.

“The arrival of the Frecciarossa will help restart and revitalize the economy and tourism sector of Calabria and the whole of Southern Italy.”

As part of the new Covid-19 precautions, on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains a free safety kit is distributed to all passengers, consisting of a mask, hand sanitizing gel, latex gloves and disposable headrests, together with a can of water.

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