Zoom Becomes an Essential Business App – Before, During and after the Pandemic


We are still getting used to 2020’s Coronavirus challenges.  Life continues.  Business tries to continue.

Currently, Zoom is simply how we hold meetings. Many of us use Zoom for four or five hours a day.


Even before the pandemic hit, Zoom was commonplace for many. That explains why the company, which went public in April 2019, is currently worth more than the airline industry.

How Zoom has become essential:


In the past, videoconferencing was something that required downloading software, set up, and complicated dial-in processes. Zoom, however, is about as easy as FaceTime.

Just click on a Zoom link in an invitation and it will launch your meeting. It’s fast and simple.


You can also use it on any device. Your laptop, iPad, iPhone, desktop, or Android device. Therefore anyone can use it, anywhere.

The lesson here: the more ways your customers can use your service or buy your products, the better.

It’s Affordable

Of course it helps that Zoom is free. Both joining meetings and hosting Zoom meetings are free, which hasn’t been true of its competition.

Zoom didn’t invent the freemium model (where a company offers a limited version of its service for free, and then charges for additional features).

As a result, millions of people around the world are using Zoom to stay connected — both professionally and personally.